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Define: “Social Media”

Social Media – noun. The term given to the time wasting devices to end all time wasting devices.

“I was told there wouldn’t be reptiles.”

Here I sit, doubled over with laughter after watching Karl Stefanovic get freaked out by a fake spider which is – in fact – not a reptile.

Although I need to make my blog post for the week, I find myself stuck in a never-ending spiral of Karl Stefanovic and Arnold Schwarzenegger videos. Despite being hailed as one of the greatest things to happen to journalism (or so QUTOJ1’s unit co-ordinator Susan would lead you to believe) social media has plenty of practical applications, almost none of which I use. Instead, I prefer to use social media to waste time on pointless videos of Arnie making terrible puns (strong language by the way) .

While I am guilty of being a serial procrastinator, one saving grace I have is that my Twitter feed is filled with politicians and journalistsposting about genuinely important things. Even though I check Twitter much less often than Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat, it counts for something right?

With the Federal Election campaign currently running, politicians using Twitter an other forms of social media are at an all-time high. Some attribute this trend (at least here in Australia) to the Kevin 07 campaign which grabbed hold of social media with both hands, which came with old Kevin “Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle” Rudd being a bit of a nerd.

So with the veritable pre-election battleground being shifted to the social media front like a particularly boring and prophetic sci-fi novel from ‘50s, we’re now seeing a rise in a form of audience participation in leadership debates (like the one held last night) like we’ve never seen before. Sure The Worm has been a thing for a while, but the use of twitter to determine the public’s reaction is practically unheard of. The ABC did up this handy graph which shows Australia reacted to the big issues in the debate. Not how, but how much.

This brings me to The Big Problem with social media. Quantity =/= Quality. For every informed voter making a tweet about the debate, there could be at least another two armchair socialists commenting on how Tony Abbott’s smile doesn’t reach his eyes or two Liberal fanatics that are tweeting: “is it just me or is Kev’s face totally punchable LOL #auspol.”

And let’s not even get into bloggers turned journalists, which as far as I’m concerned can be a blog for another week.

So that’s another blog post in the books.

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Define: “Blogging Guilt”

Blogging Guilt – noun. The feeling of guilt caused by not constantly updating a blog.

I don’t know what to blog about. But here I am, trying to make something out of the nothing that resides between my ears.

Aside from that, if I wasn’t required to blog by this class (being Online Journalism 1, check out the hashtag) then I’d probably still be sitting here at my desk, wondering just what I should write a blog about.

I have blogging guilt.

I’m not entirely sure that’s a thing. There are quite a few things about blogging I don’t understand, so I wouldn’t be completely surprised if I made that term up.

In any event, the source of the guilt I’ve been feeling came from the week two guest lecturer we had for Online Journalism 1. Nikki Parkinson from the Styling You fashion blog dropped by to have a chat. And it so seems that with the widespread adoption of social media by the world at large and not just the geeks and college kids, journalists as professionals need to adopt the ever-changing medium in the fight to stay relevant.

They say that news has to be new and that’s not really news to anyone.

Something your average Joe Blow wouldn’t know is that blogging is a part of social media and is a different way to interact with people over the web. It can also be a solid base for a journalist to build a career on. Don’t take my word for it, Nikki’s done that herself, just ask her.

So that is where I start to feel guilty. If I can use a blog to build a folio that could help me land a job somewhere down the line, why aren’t I doing it? With more and more jobs calling for people who are social media savvy, could not owning and updating a blog be detrimental to my chances of landing a job as a journalist of the future? Hell, if said blog gained enough of a following I could end up monetising my internal ramblings made external and live off that!

But for the moment, I can’t take advantage of all the tips that Nikki gave us during our lecture in building my blog for my career. Partially because this blog is for assessment. Partially because I’m still getting used to terms like “blogosphere” and all kinds of different blogging jargon.

If I do start blogging though, some of the pointers I’d have to take away from Nikki would be to write about what I know, be myself and try to tell an entertaining story. But then again if I did that, I’d be writing about Hip-Hop and Kanye West.

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