Define: Technophobe

Technophobe – noun. Someone who doesn’t want their news from the Internet. 

All my grandfather wanted from the finance segment of the news was to see how the All Ordinaries were doing. Yet a few hours earlier he was proudly showing me how to check the stock market on his brand new iPhone 5. And that got me thinking. Despite the emphasis we’ve been placing on online journalism and the future of the industry, I think how my grandfather operates gives some insight into why some people stick to their televisions sets and newspapers instead of going online to receive their news. In fact, instead of paying for a subscription to get through the Courier Mail’s paywall when our newspaper subscription ran out, they still go out and buy a paper. Every. Day.

I can think of two reasons for this. Either people don’t like technology or they just don’t get it.

Well it’s easy to say my 74 year old grandfather doesn’t get technology and the potential to have up-to-date news on whatever you want immediately (within reason of course), because it’s kind of true. He has the capability and he is aware of the instantaneousness of it all it may be he just trusts the invariably bald finance presenter a little more than his phone, not understanding how it can be right.

On the flipside of the coin is my mother, who can’t go without her morning paper. Whoever’s up first heads down to the quaint corner shop to pick up the day’s paper. And that’s just the way they like it. My father is much the same in his love for the printed ink. I tried talking them into getting the past the paywall and their response was simply that they liked reading their news in the paper.

So while online news is the go-to place for a younger or a more tech-savvy person, other people tend to be more rooted in their ways. While my family isn’t really a representation of how people consume media, if they’re the way they are about news there might other people. And quite a few people do, if you believe Mashable. It’s falling, but in order for online to completely overcome more traditional means, they may need to do more to target the people who aren’t really looking for an online source for their news.

My point is, online is somewhere that I can’t see news completely transferring over too. But I may just be saying that because I want a job in TV news.


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