Hey look, another exercise!

This is practice for an exam I’ll be doing next week. Yikes.


With the impending election rapidly approaching and Kevid Rudd and the Labor Party’s heads all on a chopping block, he stands ready to launch his campaign to keep the Parliment in Labor hands. By all accounts a Labor victory isn’t a sure thing, so what the Prime Minister says now could have a lasting impact on the election. Live from the Brisbane Powerhouse and Convention Centre.

3:13 Kevin Rudd welcomes the audience, denies that Labor is done, “If you say the fight is up, you haven’t seen nothing yet.” “we can prevail and we will prevail.” ” A fair go for all.”

3:15 KRudd lists the acoplishments of the Labor Party, Whitlam to Gillard. Labor believes in progressive politics. They build up services,  conservatives tear them down.

3:17 KRudd admits Labor makes mistakes. “Those who make mistakes are those who have never done anything in life.” According to Rudd this is how they move forward.

3:18 Rudd wants to live in an Australia where people don’t fear losing their jobs, considering his position – not surprisning.

3:19 New industries to drive the economy in Australia. Better broadband, schooling and health are what Rudd wants to bring to Australia.

3:20 Rudd and Labor want Australia to be free of descrimination; racial, homophobia.


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