Define: “Employment Anxiety”

Employment Anxiety – noun. Anxious feelings toward the prospect of leaving Uni and getting a job.


I’ve run out of ideas. Sort of. Well, interesting ideas. So that is why for this blog post I want to talk about one of the things running around my head.

And that is my latest made up term, “Employment Anxiety.”

Some, if not most, if not all university students will at some time feel this. It’s not really made up I suppose. I may have made that part up.

In any event, I’m getting near the back end of my university career. Then I get to start my career career. If I can get a job. Which is a pretty terrifying concept. So where am I going with this? Well in journalism getting a job seems more like an insurmountable task than something to look forward to.

I feel this way generally because we keep being told that journalism is competitive business. Like I said in my first blog post, one of the first things we were taught were to blog consistently to keep our readership up and increase the odds that we’d be selected for a job doing what we’ve spent a minimum of 3 years working to achieve.

With ominous threats of downsizing and shrinking news rooms, lecturers don’t really fill us students with confidence. Of course this isn’t just some negative noise we’re exposed to, these things really are happening.

It’s concerning enough that when I hear about another journalism student say they’re not sure what they’ll be doing when they finish Uni or say they’d rather do something else on completion I have a little moment of internal victory.

Employment Anxiety is also affecting what I put on this blog. If I wanted to write a scathing report on the state of the Murdoch media, would that hurt my chance of getting a job later on? This is all providing someone is actually listening.

So there you have it. Witty outro.


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