Define: “Citizen Journalism”

Citizen Journalism – noun. Something I know little about and am still writing a blog post about anyway.

In the last post I made I said Citizen Journalism would be a post for another week. Well it’s this week.

Citizen journalism is pretty much that – citizens doing just what a trained journalist would do. So if I turned this blog into a platform for me to report on things I see in my local area (which would be nothing) or issues of national importance.

If you’ve read some of my other posts, it could be deducted that I’m quite opinionated. And if for whatever reason I would gain a large following and have the voice to preach my particularly left-leaning brand of journalism to whoever would listen, you’d be getting just that – journalism that is pretty biased and not that good.

Not that all journalists and news outlets are paragons of truth and justice, which is fair evident with the past few weeks of the Courier Mail (and other papers) routinely bashing Kevin Rudd over seemingly minute details.

This image was shamelessly taken from reddit user dominoconsultant.

So if I had my inexhaustible and blindly loyal followers, I’d be able to (mis)inform them on a mass scale, largely because 1) I have little to no accountability and 2) I’m only two thirds of my way through my journalism course, with not much experience in how journalists and other professionals actually work and deliver news (future employers: we’re getting to that part. Honest.)

And that of course is my biased and slightly left-leaning view on the whole scenario. I think that citizen journalism is kinda bad.

It’s not all bad though. People are given a voice and have the opportunity to participate more in the news media and keep professionals on their toes, in terms of accuracy and speed. Because journalists can’t be everywhere, people with smart phones can also help out with breaking news stories that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

I’m going to include a few links on where I read up on this, so if this blog post seems ill informed I can shift the blame to others. 

The University of North Carolina

Social Media Today 


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